Pride is an inborn nature of every human. We have pride over many things in our life. Having a lush green lawn is one among them. For many house owners, it is a peaceful and pleasant place to play and relax physically and mentally. Pride doesn’t come in a simple way. Maintaining a green lawn needs the huge quantity of water. It depends on the place you live, you might have enough or insufficient water.

In spite of these conditions, it is better if you learn the ways to conserve water as much as possible. Learning the efficient ways to water your lawn will help save your money. This will also help to preserve the precious natural resource.

Three Methods:

  1. Finding Ways to Conserve Water
  2. Altering Your Lawn to Conserve Water
  3. Identifying the Ideal Amount of Water for Your Lawn

Method 1

  1. Finding Ways to Conserve Water
  2. Adjust your mowing habits.

Mowing is essential for the lawn. When it is done often or when the grass is cut too low it dries out the healthy lawn.

  1. Use a smart clock.

In case of an automatic irrigation system, get a smart clock or irrigation controller. This will regulate how much water is put out by your sprinkler system. Also, have the rain sensor that automatically shuts off your sprinklers when the rain begins.

  1. Reduce how much you fertilize.

Avoid fertilizing frequently; as this might dry out the lawn. Also, it will increase the frequency of watering need to your lawn. It also might require a lot of water.

  1. Consider reducing unnecessary watering.

Watering your lawn serves many purposes. It keeps the grass healthy. It reduces airborne dust and helps regulate the temperature of the soil.

  1. Recycle water.

Do not recycle the water if you’re watering your grass and not a vegetable or fruit garden. Rainwater is safe to use and a natural irrigate to your yard. The way how the rainwater is collected and harvested depends on the place you live.

  1. Check for leaky sprinklers.

Broken or leaky sprinklers waste a large amount of water. They might also be overwatering your lawn. Checking will help you to cut back your water bill and conserve water during drought. Check your sprinkler system and water faucets. Fix or replace it immediately if any leaky or broken hardware is found.

Method 2

Altering Your Lawn to Conserve Water

  1. Pull weeds frequently.
  2. Choose the right grass.
  3. Consider alternatives to turf.

Method 3

Identifying the Ideal Amount of Water for Your Lawn

  1. Check your soil type.
  2. Decide when to water.
  3. Determine how often to water.
  4. Measure your sprinkler output.
  5. Calculate the exact amount of water optimal for your lawn.

Key points to remember about watering your lawn

  1. Your lawn needs at least 1”-1 ½” of water per week, including the winter.
  2. Water 2-3 times per week, then daily.
  3. Water in the early morning; as early as possible.
  4. Push a 6” screwdriver into your lawn; if not you’re not watering enough.
  5. Water more in the heat, especially in a fescue lawn.
  6. Don’t water for a long time that it runs down the street.
  7. Automatic sprinklers need the regular check to get complete coverage.