Experts of the past suggest watering your lawn in the morning or evening. While the current researchers suggest the other way.

Winston Kao, an agricultural researcher opined to “Water your lawn at night,” Watering your lawn during the night enables grass to use more water efficiently.

Winston Kao is also an entrepreneur and educator from Clear water, Florida. He is also the owner of “Go Beyond organic.” He researchers findings on soil, water, lawn, and gardening.

Water vaporizes upward during the daytime and it vaporizes downward at night. Green grass and other green plants survive combining water and carbon dioxide. This process called photosynthesis helps to manufacture sugar, which they burn for energy.

This process can happen only during the daylight. The productivity will be high in the morning and evening. Water might tend to evaporate strong in the heat of the afternoon. Many plants, including grass, shut down and slower the upward migration.

Watering your lawn in the daytime results in 80 per cent of the water loss due to evaporation.

Watering your lawn at night makes the water to collect on grass and leaves. So, very much less water loss occurs in evaporation. Keep and maintain the grass and garden plants nourished. Maintaining a high ratio of organic material in the soil. This will increase the ability of the lawn, garden, and soil to keep and use water.

Six simple and smarter ways to water your lawn

These six tips for healthy grass with a deep, strong root system are proven and easy-to-follow. It gives your lawn the right amount of water.

  1. Water in the Morning

The a.m. is the best time to water the lawn since the air is cool and the morning breeze blows out the droplets. Evaporation occurs in the mid of the day. And in the evenings, water can cling to the blades of grass overnight. This will cause lawn diseases. The best time is early morning: 4 a.m. to 10 a.m.

  1. Soak 6 Inches into the Soil

Water for a long time and assure enough to moisten the soil about 6 inches down. This is the depth of a healthy grass root system. Check the soil every 15 minutes during the first watering to see how far the moisture seeps down.

  1. Use Pulsating Sprinklers, Not Oscillating Ones

Built-in lawn sprinklers are the best systems for watering the grass. It is the most efficient system. It can be used in the long run.

Pulsating sprinklers work great for mature grasses in the lawns.

  1. Water Twice a Week

Watering should be done based on the soil type. Clay soils can be watered once a week; whereas sandy soils should be watered every three days.

  1. Get a Timer

You may forget to shut off the water on time if you sit down in front of the TV. So get a timer.

  1. Let water soak into hard soil

Lawns in new houses have a hard soil where the topsoil is removed and won’t sink in. Homeowners need to water in stages so that the soil softens and the water can deepen into the soil.