Fescue blends, planted at 1970 Folwell Avenue in Falcon Heights, on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus, require less water, less mowing and no fertilizer. (University of Minnesota: Bob Mugaas)

After mowing the field, it’s tempting to show on the sprinklers. It provides your grass an intensive soaking. If your field is like of a drink, this can be a healthy following. Yet you do not continue to water your field straight off when mowing. You must schedule your mowing and watering for once your field wants them. These schedules do not continually go along.

When to Water when Mowing

You can safely water your field when mowing whenever it wants wetness. However, you must brace oneself for this properly. Watering late in the afternoon or in the dead of night will cause fungus issues. As a result of it, the grass does not have time to dry before dusk. Watering in the middle of a summer day will cause the water to evaporate from the landscape. To avoid these issues, mow your dry field early in the morning and water straight off later on.

Watching for Footprints

Sometimes mowing your field will assist you to notice it is time to water the grass. This can be as a result of dry grass shows footprints when you walk across it. When you mow the field, stand back and scan the grass for footprints. If you do not see any, hold off on watering. As a result of watering, grass, before it starts to dry, encourages weak, shallow ontogeny. If you are doing notice footprints, activate the irrigation system. It grants your field the thorough shower it wants, as long as it’s fairly early in the day.

Don’t Water Before You Mow

You should additionally wait to water your field till when you end mowing. This will help to avoid preventative your lawnmower. If you water before you mow, the wet grass blades stay and will get caught in your lawn tool. Clumps of wet grass lying on your field also can be unattractive, associated with extreme cases. Similar to an overgrown field, they’ll smother the growing grass at a lower place them.

Growing Season Maintenance Schedule

Actively growing grass wants additional mowing and watering than dormant grass. Schedule throughout the season. Summer for warm-season grasses, spring, and fall for cool-season grasses. Grass wants regarding forty-five minutes of irrigation per week. With this, you’ll be able to split into 2 or 3 watering. At this point, your field may have mowing as usually as every 5 days. This ought to align well together with your watering schedule. Let your field grow regarding three to four 1/2 inches tall. Before cutting it back to a height of two to three inches; never take away over tierce of the peak at a time to avoid stressing the field. When mowing, an intensive watering ought to keep your field healthy. Though you will have to be compelled to water an added time throughout the week, while not mowing first.