If you recently purchased a house and on your new home are you have a yard? Then you should know how to maintain your yard to keep your home look beautiful. If you are a beginner for yard maintenance keeping your landscape healthy can look like a full-time job.

But in reality, achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn does not have to be a total hassle. Even though your lawn may look intimating at the first time when you spend some time in your yard with a little effort you too can achieve a healthy lawn. In this article, we give you tips for yard maintenance.

In the process of yard maintenance, there are two main subdivisions such as,

  • Mowing,
  • Watering,


Mowing is looked like the most straightforward part of lawn maintenance. The proper mowing of the lawn needs little more expertise than the normal one. Properly mowing of your lawn is depends on 3 things as blades, height, and frequency.


Before you go for the mowing of your lawn, you need to make sure that your mower blades are sharp enough. Mowing of your lawn with a dull blade will tear your grass which is unsightly and unhealthy.

If your blades are damaged you can go to your nearby shop to purchase new blades.


It can be tempting to crop your grass as close to the ground as possible. So you don’t have to mow your yard on every weekend. When you slice your grass very close to its root, it can become unhealthy and start to die.


You need to keep in mind that the mowing of the yard with more frequently and at a taller height will give you a healthier grass which means your efforts will get rewarded with a lush, healthy landscape.


We all know that lawn needs water and if you water your lawn on yourself or have a sprinkler system, you may think that you are got this part is covered. You can follow the below tips to maximize your watering efficiency and effectiveness. So you can hydrate your landscape like a pro.

Always water your lawn in the early morning:

Watering of your lawn in the early morning permits the moisture to get down into the root system before the heat of the sun evaporates it away from your lawn. And keep in mind that do not water your lawn at the night time which will spoil your grassroots.

Water three times in a week:

If you water your lawn space more than three times in a week it will be oversaturated your soil and less than that could leave your grass high and dry. So you need to water your grass perfectly three times on a week.

Water about every inch of your lawn:

You need to make sure that you are watering each and every inch of the lawn on each session to keep it healthy and beautiful.

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